Top 10 Best Keto IHOP Options

Your all-time favorite restaurant for everything pancakes and hash browns may not be your best bet for your new keto diet. However, you can adapt or customize your IHOP order to fit your keto requirements. 

From breakfast meals to salads to lunch and dinner offerings, you can enjoy various keto IHOP dishes all day long and still stick to your low-carb diet. 

Keto IHOP Breakfast Options

When ordering an omelet for breakfast at IHOP, you can ask for yours to be made without the pancake batter if you want to keep it keto-friendly. 

You can also leave out the onions, tomatoes, and mushrooms from your omelet to keep the net carbs down. Ditching the hash browns, pancakes, and toast also keeps the omelet entrée in check.

1. Bacon Temptation Omelet

Top 10 Best Keto IHOP Options

The Bacon Temptation Omelet is an excellent breakfast choice at the International House of Pancakes. 

The omelet contains smoked bacon, tomatoes, jack & cheddar cheese blend, and a white cheese sauce. 

The Bacon Temptation Omelet packs 1190 calories, 10g net carbs, 85g fat, and 64g protein. 

You can make the omelet even more keto-friendly by skipping the cheese sauce and taking shredded cheese instead. 

Taking out the tomatoes on the customized version of the Bacon Temptation Omelet reduces the number of calories by five, while you can take off 240 calories by leaving off the cheese sauce. 

2. Big Steak Omelet

Top 10 Best Keto IHOP Options

The Big Steak Omelet features steak, onions, mushrooms, cheddar cheese, green peppers, onions, tomatoes, and hash browns. 

The omelet packs 1030 calories, but you can reduce the number by taking out the tomatoes (10 cals), hash browns (210 cals), mushrooms (10 cals), or green peppers (5 cals).

The big steak omelet contains 67g protein, 78g fat, and 40g net carbs. Taking out some of the items from the omelet can help you lower the number of net carbs to a keto-friendly level. 

3. Spinach & Mushroom Omelet

Top 10 Best Keto IHOP Options

You can have a dash of fresh vegetables for breakfast when you order the Spinach & Mushroom Omelet at IHOP. 

The omelet features mushrooms, onions, spinach, Hollandaise sauce, and jack & cheddar cheese blend. It packs 910 calories, 12g net carbs, 70g fat, and 48g protein. 

You can make the omelet more keto-friendly by leaving out the Hollandaise sauce.

4. Build Your Own Omelet

Top 10 Best Keto IHOP Options

Starting with your favorite type of cheese, gradually build your own omelet at IHOP and add your favorite ingredients. 

You can choose between various types of cheese, including American, cheddar, jack & cheddar blend, pepper jack, Wisconsin Whole Milk Cheese, or no cheese at all. 

Some keto-friendly add-ins for the omelet include bacon, avocado, pork sausage, and spinach. A small dash of onions, green pepper, tomatoes, and mushrooms is okay, but keep it all light.

Keto IHOP Salad Options

It’s a great idea to grab a keto IHOP salad, but you’ll want to go slow on the servings and avoid adding a lot of sugary fruits. If your salad comes with mushrooms, they should probably go too. 

Given its low net carbs content, the House Salad is the best option for your keto diet. 

5. House Salad

The House salad is served with croutons and any dressing you choose, but the best choice for a keto diet is no dressing at all. 

You’ll enjoy some lettuce, sliced tomato, and red onions. The salad packs 30 calories, 7g total carbs, 0g fat, 5g net carbs, and 2g protein.

6. Chicken & Veggie Salad

Top 10 Best Keto IHOP Options

IHOP’s Chicken & Veggie Salad comprises freshly grilled chicken breast, red onions, avocado, mushrooms, tomatoes, and lettuce blend dipped in balsamic vinaigrette. 

The salad packs 630 calories. Forego the mushrooms if you want to lower the number of carbs even further.

7. Chicken Cobb Salad

IHOP’s Chicken Cobb Salad comprises a hardboiled egg, diced bacon, sliced tomatoes, grilled chicken breast, shredded cheddar cheese, and ranch dressing with Romaine lettuce. 

The salad delivers 1080 calories, 81g fat, 70g protein, 6g fiber, and 12g net carbs. You can reduce the number of carbohydrates by leaving out the tomatoes and ranch dressing. 

8. Chicken & Spinach Salad

The Chicken and Spinach Salad contains hardboiled eggs, bacon strips, cheddar cheese, spinach, tomato, grilled chicken strips, and a dash of balsamic vinaigrette. 

The salad delivers 600 calories, 35g fat, 38g protein, 9g dietary fiber, and 29g net carbs, making it a keto-friendly serving, even without any customization. 

However, you might want to forego the balsamic vinaigrette to lower the sugar levels in the salad. Try dressing it with vinegar and lemon instead. 

Keto IHOP Lunch & Dinner Options

Like with the salads and breakfast servings, you can customize the lunch and dinner offerings at IHOP to make them more friendly to your ongoing or newly started ketosis campaign. 

The adaptations you do will depend on the meal at hand, though with burgers, the rule of thumb is to forego the bun and other items like the sauce, tomato, onions, cheese, or any unhealthy side. 

9. Mega Monster Cheeseburger

Top 10 Best Keto IHOP Options

The Mega Monster Cheeseburger has certainly earned its name. This is a large burger containing steakburger patties, red onion, pickles, American cheese, lettuce, and IHOP Sauce. 

The cheeseburger packs 1040 calories. You can keep the carbs content low by foregoing the bun, tomato, red onion, IHOP Sauce, pickles, cheese, and side offering. 

10. Classic Steak burger with Bacon

Top 10 Best Keto IHOP Options

With this burger, you’ll also want to ditch the bun, cheese, tomato, or IHOP Sauce to make it more keto-friendly. You can also eat it with a side salad instead of onion rings, French fries, or pancakes. 

The burger delivers 620 to 780 calories, depending on the side you choose and the ingredients you eliminate. 

What NOT to Eat at IHOP on a Keto Diet

People on a strict keto diet should avoid eating the following items at IHOP:

  • Pancakes
  • French toast
  • Fries
  • Onion rings
  • Flavored drinks
  • Hash browns
  • Syrups
  • Breads and buns
  • Spicy chicken ranch sandwich
  • Burrito and bowl servings
  • Waffles
  • Biscuits and gravy
  • Corned beef hash
  • French toast
  • Country fried steak
  • Chicken nuggets
  • Crispy chicken
  • Macaroni and cheese
  • Crispy fish and chips
  • Grilled cheese sandwich

Bottom Line

IHOP may have plenty of high-carb servings, but you can still find some delicious IHOP creations like the ones discussed above that are readily keto-friendly or easily customizable to fit your ketosis program. 

If you are unsure, you can use IHOP’s Interactive Nutrition Calculator to track nutrition facts like calories, saturated fat, protein, sugar, carbs, and other components that you consume.