Does Dunkin’ Have Sugar Free Syrup That Will Fit in a Keto Diet?

If you’re on the go and love your morning cup of java, chances are you frequent Dunkin’ Donuts. For those days when you need a quick cup of coffee, which may be every day, multiple times a day, they’ve got you covered with hot and cold coffee on their menu.

Their official slogan is “America runs on Dunkin’,” and the numbers agree. The beloved fast food breakfast chain Dunkin’ Donuts says they serve three million Americans per day and offers coffee, breakfast sandwiches, donuts, and pastries to satisfy your breakfast craving.

But what keto options do they have at Dunkin’? Or, if you’re not on the keto diet and managing your sugar intake for other reasons, you may wonder what sugar-free syrup options they have at Dunkin’. We’ll outline what they have on their menu to add to your coffee. 

Dunkin’ Sugar-Free Syrup Options

If you’re looking for a sweet hit in your beverage that’s also sugar-free, Dunkin’ offers a handful of syrup choices. Their sugar-free syrups come in vanilla, hazelnut, toasted almond, coconut, raspberry, and blueberry.

Dunkin’ flavor shots add a little something to any hot or iced coffee beverage. Try an iced Americano with sugar-free vanilla syrup or a cold brew with sugar-free toasted almond.

How to Order Sugar Free Syrup for a Keto Coffee

Hand grasping to-go cup of Dunkin' coffee

For a keto coffee at Dunkin’, ask for it without milk and sugar and with sugar-free syrup instead. If you want to try one of the flavored syrups, like vanilla or hazelnut, make sure to ask for the sugar-free version of the syrup flavor, as they have regular versions containing sugar that can be easily mistaken. 

And for the optimum keto coffee drink at Dunkin’, ask for cream instead of milk. Cream is low in carbs and contains fat, an essential balance to maintaining ketosis. 

Keto Coffee Options at Dunkin’

The best keto coffee options at Dunkin’ are as follows: 

  • Regular coffee, medium size – 2 g carbs
  • Coffee with cream – 1 g carbs
  • Espresso shot – 1 g carbs
  • Classic Americano, medium size – 2 g carbs
  • Cold brew coffee – 1 g carbs
  • Iced coffee with coconut milk, large size – 1 g carbs
  • Coconut milk macchiato – 3 g carbs
  • Coconut milk latte – 3 g carbs

You can order all these options with sugar-free syrup, and heavy cream or half and half are great additions to your keto coffee

Complete Your Keto Breakfast with a Meal

Exterior of Dunkin' restaurant on busy city corner

While you’re at Dunkin’, why not compliment your coffee with a breakfast sandwich? Most breakfast sandwiches, ordered without bread, have 5 g or fewer net carbs. 

For example, order a sausage, egg, and cheese sandwich without bread for a satisfying breakfast that’s only 2 g net carbs! They also have a turkey sausage, egg white, and cheese option that has 6 g net carbs and is an excellent option for turkey lovers. 

Avoid any donuts or sugary pastries and drinks. It’s not ideal for the keto diet, and sugar gives your body a temporary boost of energy that won’t last long. Opt for low-carb, high-fat options for a fully keto breakfast.


Add a sugar-free flavor shot to your hot or cold coffee for a delicious, irresistible coffee drink. It’s sure to wake you up in the morning, and keto coffee contains little to no added sugar. Plus, that caffeine boost is sure to help you start your day.