The 7 Best Jack in the Box Keto Options to Order

Being on a keto diet and passing by fast-food restaurants can be torture for some. But what if we told you that you could eat at your favorite fast-food joints when you have intense cravings? While we don’t recommend you eat there often while being on a keto diet, it’s doable once in a while.

Jack in the Box is a great fast food spot that offers burgers, chicken, and salad dishes which are very easy to customize to fit your keto dietary needs! You should avoid a lot of the options on the menu, but there are a few low-carb options available.

If you’ve ever wanted to order at Jack in the Box but felt confused about what to order, we got you! In this guide, we cover some tips on ordering keto options at Jack in the Box and recommend the 7 best low-carb options at this fast food joint! Let’s get started!

Tips to Order Low-Carb at Jack in the Box

  • If you’re getting a burger, order no bun, no sauce, and a salad for the side
    With no bun, you cut back on most of the carbs in the meal and get a plate or box with a burger patty, cheese, and toppings. Some sauces rack up carbs, so if you want to be extra good, tell them to hold the sauce as well.

    Burgers typically come with fries on the side. Instead of fries, try asking for a side salad so that you lower your carb intake and increase the amount of fiber at the same time!
  • If you order a sandwich, order no bun and no sauce
    Jack in the Box is known for its sandwiches. You don’t have to skip out on their go-to menu item anymore if you just get the sandwich with no bun! Most of their sandwiches are loaded with meat, eggs, cheese, and more toppings!

    If you feel like it’s not enough and you need more, just ask for extra meat – which should only cost a few dollars more! Hold the sauce though because it has high amounts of sugar and carbs which will go against your keto regime!
  • Steer clear of their sides as most are fried food with breading
    Most of Jack in the Box’s sides are breaded and fried or made of potatoes rich in carbs. Cut back on the sides they offer and opt for a grilled chicken salad or a small garden salad instead. Even though their sides are small, they will add up in carbohydrates!
  • Say no to shakes and desserts!
    Milkshakes tend to be very high in carbs! No matter how delicious it looks it is loaded with sugar, fat, and carbs which goes against the very essence of your low-carb diet.
  • Stick to water or diet soda for your drink of choiceWhen you order a combo, keep it simple and just get water! If you’re feeling something fizzy, opt for a diet Coke or diet Pepsi! They are free of carbs and calories. You can also get unsweetened teas – but we recommend checking its nutrition guide before buying!
  • When it doubt, always check the nutrition facts before making your order
    Sometimes you can’t be sure. So, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Check the nutrition facts online or if they have a brochure with a nutrition guide before you make your purchase. Make sure the carbs and net carbs are low, but also make sure the calories and sugar levels aren’t too high.

The 7 Best Jack in the Box Keto Options

1. Grilled Chicken Salad

This salad is one of the best low-carb options at Jack in the Box! It features grilled chicken strips, tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, cucumber, onions, and croutons topped with a low-fat balsamic dressing.

The grilled chicken is flavourful by itself and filling. Combined with all the veggies in this salad, you get fewer carbs than other dishes on the menu and increase your fiber intake. For optimal results, ask them to hold the croutons and balsamic dressing! If you want sauce, you can ask them for ranch dressing instead, as it has lower net carbs than balsamic vinegar!

1 serving of Grilled Chicken Salad with Ranch dressing (no croutons, no balsamic):230 calories | 8g fat | 12g net carbs | 30g protein

2. Chicken Club Salad with Grilled Chicken

This salad option is a full-sized salad that will keep the hunger pangs away! This salad comes with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cheddar cheese, croutons, and chicken. If you want to lower the number of net carbs you’re consuming, ask them to hold the croutons.

As for meat, this salad comes with the option of grilled or breaded chicken strips. Opt for grilled chicken as this is optimal for your keto diet. It also comes with strips of bacon which will add to your protein intake. It comes with ranch dressing which you can leave out if you wish!

1 serving of Chicken Club Salad with Grilled Chicken (no croutons):
618 calories | 45g fat | 11g net carbs | 40g protein

3. Chicken Nuggets 5pcs

These 5 pcs Chicken Nuggets are a great snack that will tide over your cravings! If you’re not looking for a heavy lunch and just need a small snack on the go, this is the best option at Jack in the Box for carb-conscious folks! If you want to dip these delicious nuggets in a sauce, opt for the Chipotle sauce, which has 1g of carbs, or the Taco sauce, which has 0g of carbs!

1 serving of 5 pcs Chicken Nuggets
230 calories | 16g fat | 12g net carbs | 9g protein

4. Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich

Love breakfast? Jack in the Box serves breakfast meals all day so you can get any breakfast sandwich – any time of day! Breakfast sandwiches are popular because they’re loaded with meat, cheese, and eggs.

The Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich is packed with two slices of ham and a line of bacon, two slices of American Cheese, two eggs, and a bun. It comes with no sauce. You can take out the carbs for this meal simply by asking them to hold the bun! This breakfast sandwich is loaded with everything you need for a filling meal!

1 serving of Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich (no bun)
520 calories | 31g fat | 1g net carbs | 31g protein

5. Extreme Sausage Sandwich

Another breakfast sandwich is a great option when you’re on a low-carb diet. You can get this extreme sausage sandwich any time of day because Jack in the Box serves hot breakfast all day!

Their Extreme Sausage Sandwich is a great keto option because it contains two sausage patties, an egg, two slices of American cheese, and a bun. To reduce your carb intake, get the sandwich with no bun! This breakfast sandwich does not come with any sauce, so all you have to worry about is asking them to hold the bun!

1 serving of Extreme Sausage Sandwich (no bun):
650 calories | 49g fat | 1g net carbs | 25g protein

6. Loaded Breakfast Sandwich

If the Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich and the Extreme Sausage Sandwich aren’t enough for you, you can consider the Loaded Breakfast Sandwich. While it’s still a great low-carb option, it’s packed with all the breakfast meats and more!

The Loaded Breakfast Sandwich contains ham, sausage, bacon, eggs, American Cheese, and sourdough bread. If you skip the bun in this as well, you dramatically reduce your carb intake!

1 serving of Loaded Breakfast Sandwich (no bun):
707 calories | 47g fat | 1g net carbs | 36g protein

7. Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger

One of the best burgers on the menu is a great keto option as well. This burger comes with two pieces of quarter-pounder beef, 3 bacon slices, 1 slice of Swiss cheese, 1 slice of American Cheese, and sauces like mayo, ketchup, and mustard! And of course – the burger buns which you should tell them to hold!

While the Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger has a lot of ingredients, the burger buns and ketchup make up the bulk of the carbs, so asking them not to include the buns and ketchup will make your burger keto-friendly, and you can enjoy it guilt-free!

1 serving of Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger (no bun, no ketchup):
930 calories | 65g fat | 1g net carbs | 55g protein

Final Thoughts

Being on a keto diet and staying conscious of how many carbs you count can be tough work when you’re constantly exposed to fast food places. Whether it’s just a once in a while craving or you don’t want to bail plans with your friends, you don’t have to worry about not having any food options that meet your dietary needs!

Eating at a fast food joint occasionally is fine as long as you try your best to stick to low-carb options. While the menu won’t be filled with a lot of options, no matter what restaurant you go to, you’re bound to find a few items that are perfectly suited for a keto lifestyle!

Jack in the Box has a great selection of low-carb options because they have an extensive menu from pasta to burgers to sandwiches! In this article, we’ve highlighted the top 7 keto options and offered some tips on how to order!