Are Low Carb Tortillas Keto? Here’s What You Need to Know

Doing keto can be difficult sometimes, but luckily many brands have begun to realize that there’s an eager market for low-carb products. If you’ve seen a keto friendly tortilla at the store, you might be curious if it’s similar to a soft taco flour tortilla or any other made of wheat flour. Here, we take a look at everything you need to know.

What are Low Carb Tortillas?

Low carb tortillas are similar to regular tortillas, but instead of using wheat or corn, they use other grains and ingredients that are more friendly to a keto diet. For example, you will find low-carb tortillas made of eggs, cauliflower, flax, and almond flour.

While these products may look just like a regular tortilla, they may not taste like them. Regardless, you can use low-carb tortillas just like you use a regular tortilla, which gives you a lot of options for new recipes to add to your keto diet.

Are Low Carb Tortillas keto?

Generally, yes. That said, it depends on the brand of low carb tortillas and what it is made of. Make sure you look at the labels carefully. Some products are extremely keto-friendly, but you will have to work others into your diet more carefully.

How many carbs do Low Carb Tortillas have?

The number of carbs in a low-carb tortilla depends on the ingredients. For example, wraps made out of coconut flour or almond flour only have around 4g of carbs, while egg-based tortillas may not have any.

The key is to look for something high in fiber to help offset the number of total carbs in the recipe. Some products, like Mission Carb Balance tortillas, contain as many as 10 to 15 grams of fiber, which helps make them more keto-friendly and brings down the net carbs. Make sure you read the nutritional information carefully.

What are the other nutritional benefits of Low Carb Tortillas?

The nutritional benefits of keto low carb tortillas vary greatly depending on what they’re made of, so you have to look at the nutritional information. What is so great about almond flour tortillas and other keto low carb tortillas, though, is that they open up a lot of possibilities.

What are the downsides of Low Carb Tortillas?

The downside of a low carb tortilla is that the number of net carbs in these products is very inconsistent. Some are very low and can be worked into a keto diet relatively easily, but others with higher net carbs have to be integrated carefully. Different brands and ingredients cannot be substituted for one another, so just because you found one keto low carb tortilla brand that you like doesn’t mean other products will fit in your diet the same way.

How to eat Low Carb Tortillas on keto

The easiest way to eat low-carb tortillas on keto is to use them to make wraps and burritos. They’re a simple substitute for bread, and you can use them for any number of things.

You can get creative with low-carb tortillas, too. Cut them into triangles and toast them in the oven for healthy keto-friendly homemade tortilla chips or cut them in slices and add them to the top of a salad as a crouton substitute. Use them as a pizza crust, make a low carb wrap, substitute them for noodles in some layered casseroles, or brush them with some garlic olive oil, top them with some cheese, and toast them in the oven. You can use them to make keto-friendly taco casserole, use them instead of bread, or substitute them in any recipe that calls for a corn tortilla or wheat tortilla.