Starbucks Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup Calories – 3 Mistakes to Avoid

A coffee lover adores nothing more than a freshly brewed cup of coffee, and Starbucks has plenty of options to choose from. Its signature roasts, like Pike Place and Blonde Roast, offer different flavor profiles, allowing you to try different coffee roasts you may not have at home. 

Starbucks offers plenty of choices for those on the keto diet or looking for sugar-free coffee options. After all, they’re known for having tons of different kinds of milk and creams, coffee roasts, flavored syrups, and spices added to your coffee order, making it completely customized to your taste. 

If you want to add syrup to your coffee for a sweet taste without sugar, Starbucks sugar-free vanilla syrup is your best option. A 30 ml (two tablespoons) serving contains zero calories, 0 g sugar, and 1 g net carb and is naturally flavored. It offers a deliciously sweet and rich flavor to your coffee without added sugar. Here are three mistakes to avoid when adding sugar-free vanilla syrup to your Starbucks order.

1. Order Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup, Not Regular Syrup


This mistake is easily made because Starbucks has both a regular and sugar-free version of its vanilla syrup. So, make sure to specifically ask for the sugar-free vanilla syrup in your coffee order. That way, you won’t have any added sugars in your coffee, and you can still enjoy that dose of sweet vanilla. 

2. Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup Changes the Flavor Profile of Your Drink

Keep in mind that if you order sugar-free vanilla in your coffee, it changes the drink’s flavor profile. A pumpkin spice latte, for example, tastes different when vanilla syrup is added. Or, a hazelnut latte, which is typically sweetened with hazelnut syrup, will taste more like a vanilla latte with the sugar-free vanilla added. 

If the drink’s syrup provides its main flavor profile, consider ordering a different drink to add vanilla to. Ask your barista what drink would work best with the sugar-free vanilla syrup, as they often have great recommendations since they’re so well-versed in all things coffee. 

3. The Syrup Is Calorie Free, But Not Carb Free

Starbucks sugar-free vanilla syrup is acceptable for the keto diet. It’s low in carbs and has zero calories, making it a great addition to your coffee. Be aware that it does contain maltodextrin and sucralose, so if you’re watching your blood sugar, this could cause a spike in blood glucose. 

The more “pumps” you ask for from your Starbucks barista, the more calories you have. Stick to one or two pumps of sugar-free vanilla syrup for a sweet taste, and consider it a fun occasional treat to add to your coffee order. 

Starbucks Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup Ingredients

Some of the ingredients in Starbucks Naturally Flavored Sugar-Free Vanilla Syrup are water, maltodextrin, xanthan gum, natural flavor, sucralose, and potassium sorbate (as a preservative). 

If you love the taste of their sugar-free vanilla syrup, they offer a product you can take home or buy at large retailers. 



Starbucks sugar-free vanilla syrup is their most popular sugar-free option available in stores. Since it’s zero calories and low in carbs, it offers that sweet taste without all the sugar. Treat yourself and enjoy!